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We do not charge extra for outdated PHP versions!

Available PHP versions 5.2 – 8.3

Core Web Hosting is the best choice for email and website, blog or e-shop hosting. Fast web servers, one-click installable WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento and other web applications.


6.50 €

VAT is not included

  • NVMe Space:
  • Number of Web-sites:
  • Maximum size of one mailbox:


19.50 €

VAT is not included

  • NVMe Space:
  • Number of Web-sites:
  • Maximum size of one mailbox:


69.50 €

VAT is not included

  • NVMe Space:
  • Number of Web-sites:
  • Maximum size of one mailbox:

Detailed comparison of hosting packages

We provide everything you need to host your web sites and e-mail with the minimum of effort and cost to users of all levels from beginners to professionals.

All you need is there

Domain search and registration in more than 400 TLDs

Wide range of SSL Ceritificates from the leading global Certification Authorities

More than 200 known web scripts ready to use in one click

Free website builder

Core Hosting offers:

Reasonable prices, convenient packages, free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates, installation of popular web applications in one click, free web site builder, ISP Manager Control Panel, virus and spam protection, unlimited domain parking and much more.

Included in all hosting plans

ISP Manager Control Panel

Daily backups

Unlimited Domain Parking

WordPress, Joomla and other preinstalled web scripts

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

Free website builder

Additional Services

  VAT is not included
Additional 10GB NVMe 4.00 € / month
1 Additional Web-Site 2.50 € / month
Additional MySQL Database 1.50 € / month
1 additional IP address 4.50 € / month
Additional 10 User Account (only DEVELOPER package) 1.50 € / month
Backup Restoration 35.00
Hosting management (up to 4 tickets monthly) 5.00 € / month

 — Create and design web sites with responsive design

Create own web site is now much easier. Use one of 190 templates and create your own unique website for free.

Website Builder

Supports multilanguage websites

All templates with responsive design

Easy to use site builder

No limitation for Design or grid

Translated to 40+ languages

Included in every hosting plan

More than 200 pre installed web applications for hosting in one click


WordPress Joomla Drupal Prestashop Magento







Any project will be launched in a matter of minutes. Concentrate on achieving its objectives, the technical issues we take on ourselves. The list of all pre-installed web applications is available from the control panel.

Why Core Hosting?

Fast and reliable servers

High speed NVMe drives

Ready to help technical support

Software and features by today's standards

Detailed comparison of hosting packages

Price per Month (VAT is not included) 6.50 12.50 19.50 69.50
Price per Year (VAT is not included) 44.00 78.00 126.00 600.00
  Order Order Order Order
Web-based control panel
Customer Accounts 1 1 1 30
NVMe Space 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB
Monthly bandwidth limit
Domains 15 25 50 150
Number of Web-sites 1 3 5 150
E-mail accounts
Maximum size of one mailbox 6GB 12GB 16GB 6GB
E-mail autoresponder
Spam and virus filter
DKIM signature
MySQL databases (MySQL 5.5 / 5.6 / 8.0, MariaDB 10.3 / 10.6 / 10.8 / 10.10) 1 3 10 150
Database quota 2GB 4GB 10GB 4GB
PHP 5.2 – 8.3
Free Let's Encrypt certificates
Dedicated RAM 1GB 3GB 5GB 16GB
User Processes 150 250 500 500
Website Builder
One-click Web-scripts installer
Cron jobs 2 6 10 150
Daily Backups
Access to Log-files
  Order Order Order Order

Free Website Transfer

Want to move to Core, but it seems difficult to migrate your website and email boxes yourself? We are here to help!

Send your request to, specify your domain name, mailboxes count and size and content management system you use on your website. We will send you specific instructions and arrange secure transfer of usernames and passwords required for access.

How to migrate your site to

  1. First, order hosting from us, agree to the terms and conditions and indicate that you need help with data transfer.
  2. If you want to transfer your domain in the same way, order this service as well. Domain transfer requires EPP code. Sometimes it is also necessary to remove the transfer lock from the current registrar. When applying for a domain transfer, please indicate the current name servers.
  3. Moving a website means copying files and databases from the old server to the new one. Next, change the IP address on the Core name servers.
  4. If necessary, reissue and install the SSL certificate.
  5. To migrate e-mail, you need to create mailboxes on the new server and share the new access information with your colleagues. Next, change the MX record of your domain so that mail messages are routed to our servers.
  6. The content of mailboxes is transferred using a dedicated server application (imapsync).

Does migration cause e-mail or website service interruption?

If you follow our instructions, then there should be no failures. However, if you have an online store, we recommend switching it to service mode during the move.

You can use our webmail until you set up your email client (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, etc.).

Is there a limitation on free transfer?

Free migration is offered for new orders (one domain or website on the server, regular web applications, mailboxes with IMAP access). It takes about an hour of our specialist's work. If you have a more complex system (for example, several applications or special solutions), we will negotiate a price with you for additional work.

Technical Information

Email setup

  • Encrypted connection: SSL, SSL/TLS or STARTTLS
  • IMAP server: port 993
  • POP3 server: port 995
  • SMTP server: port 465 SSL/TLS or 587 STARTTLS